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Mega Jackpot Bingo

Have a Ball With Mega-Jackpot Bingo! Mega-Jackpot Bingo is the most exciting Bingo game on the internet. You’ll have a ball going for a Bingo with four cards at once. And the fun doesn’t stop there, either, because Mega-Jackpot Bingo is the only Bingo game around that offers the Mega-Jackpot Bonus Round! Mega-Jackpot Bingo offers

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Mahjong Tiles

Mahjong Tiles, Fun and Beautiful This Mahjong Tiles game is Slingo’s elegant interpretation of the traditional mahjong you already love. When we were making our version, we paid special attention to the designs of the mahjong tiles themselves, each one featuring a delicate Chinese character. These tiles are so beautiful that you’ll just hate to

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Think, Don’t Feel With Lyssti! Welcome to Lyssti, a mind-bending puzzle game of paths and patterns. You’ve never seen anything quite like it before, and we’re sure you’re going to be hooked the second you play and see just how much fun it is! With Lyssti, we’re giving you a route to a whole new

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Lucky Stars

Thank Your Lucky Stars for This Game! Lucky Stars is an action-packed board-matching game that lets you play in a field of moons, stars, planets, even rocket ships and bug-eyed Martians! This exciting game will take the sharp eyes and sharper wits of an astronaut to get a high score and rake in those Slingo

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Polka Into Kenoka! Dance into a good time with Kenoka – it’s three games all rolled into one, with each round more exciting than the last! The first round of Kenoka is Keno. Your spin will give you your 10 cards, then the dealer will take 20. What you’re hoping for is that some of

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Joker Poker

100 Percent Free Joker Poker – So Much Fun Your Head Will Spin! Everybody loves Slingo’s world-famous slots games, but if you’re looking for a little more poker in your spin, then Joker Poker is definitely the game for you. This Slingtastic free Joker Poker game is a fast-paced thriller guaranteed to give you the

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Jigsaw Delight

Love a good jigsaw puzzle? At Slingo, we love puzzles, too. That’s why we’re delighted to bring you Jigsaw Delight – just as much fun as a traditional table jigsaw puzzle, made twice as easy thanks to a few Slingo innovations we just know you’ll absolutely love to pieces. You’ll delight in solving Jigsaw puzzles

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Crazy 7s

You’ll Go Bonkers for Crazy 7s! Want a game you can fall head over heels for? Have we got the thing for you! Crazy 7s is everything you’d ever hope for in a video poker-style slots game, and then some! Fast-paced, nail-biting action? Check! A super fun bonus round? Check! The chance to win truckloads

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Bounce into Fun With Bumper! Bumper is the wild bumper car strategy game that lets you have carnival-style fun and take out a little aggression all while building up a crazy pile of points! In each round of Bumper you get five cars to place on the grid (and you have to place all five

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Brasil Slingo

Brasil Slingo Brings the Carnival to You! We’re absolutely certain that Brasil Slingo is going to be your new favorite game. We’ve taken the Slingo basics that already won you over and shaken them together Carnival-style with some extra-spicy graphics and a zesty new way to play, and even we were surprised at how much

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Bingo Flip

Bingo Flip combines Match-3 fun with the non-stop, don’t-blink, no-holds-barred world of competitive Bingo. Match balls to daub squares on your Bingo card to make 12 possible Bingo lines for maximum points. Play every day to check out new power-ups and beat new scores in Bingo Flip Daily Challenge! How to play Make matches of

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Absolutely Poker

Absolute Fun in Absolutely Poker! Can you beat our Slingo CHADBOT in Absolutely Poker? Come try your poker chops against that mechanical bucket of bolts and see how you stack up! In Absolutely Poker, you compete in 10 rounds of poker action versus our CHADBOT. As you play, you’ll get 25 cards (1 at a

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