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12 Way Poker

Go All-In for 12 Way Poker! If you ever imagined the most perfect, most exciting poker-themed video slots game possible, you’d have come up with Slingo’s very own 12 Way Poker. This thrilling slots game gives you 12 ways to win big! With 12 Way Poker, you spin up poker hands based on a standard

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5 Card Slingo

5 Card Slingo Millennium is a poker-style game in which you try to build the best poker combinations either horizontally, vertically or diagonally, within the given amount of deals. Are your usual online games feeling a little too so-last-century to you? Step into the bright future of Slingovation with 5 Card Slingo! This update to

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5-Card Slingo Daily Challenge

Step into a world of high-rolling Slingo fun! Put your 5-Card Daily Challenge skills to the test in this all-new take on our most popular poker game ever! How To Play Playing 5-Card Daily Challenge (Rules) Spin the reels to draw five cards, then place them on the board to make pairs, flushes, and other

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2 Hand Poker

Double Your Fun with 2 Hand Poker! Slot-tastic 2 Hand Poker gives you the heart-racing action of slots, and lets you use your razor-sharp sense of poker strategy all in one fun package! In this terrific game, you spin up cards and then make the best poker hands you can, and that’s no bluff! You

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