Slingo Big Wheel

Get ready to wheel away the time

Step right up to the showbiz-inspired Slingo extravaganza that’s all about spinning your way to wins! This Slingo variant takes the classic mechanic for a wild ride, where Slingos hold the key to unlocking the marvelous wheel. If you’re all about high-risk, high-reward gaming, then this is the wheel-y exciting adventure you’ve been waiting for! Once the wheel is available, its prize values will increase with every subsequent Slingo you score. And where does this end? With a jaw-dropping 2500x your bet multiplier! So, are you ready to push it “wheel” good?

Wheel You Be the One?

Can you be the master of the wheel? There’s only one way to discover your fate: let the slot reel whirl and mark those numbers off the Slingo grid. How do you do that? Mark off five numbers in a row to score a Slingo! The spectacular Big Wheel sits on the left side of your screen, and a cheeky message beneath the Slingo reel tells you just how many Slingos you need to unlock it. If you succeed, prepare for some “unbe-wheel-able” prizes!

Spin it to the Limit

When you unlock the magnificent Big Wheel, brace yourself for a whirlwind of excitement. Give it a spin for a shot at cash prizes galore! Once you’ve unlocked it, every Slingo you collect pumps up the potential riches on the wheel. This wondrous wheel makes its grand appearance at the end of the base game. But beware! If it lands on “lose,” your show’s over. But if luck smiles upon you, and it lands on a cash prize, that dazzling sum is yours for the taking. The “Boost” section rockets you to the next level wheel, while the “Super Wheel” propels you to the top level wheel. Remember, you’ve got to spin it to win it!

Special Symbols

As you embark on your journey to unlock the Big Wheel, keep a keen eye out for some extraordinary symbols on the Slingo reel, ready to lend you a hand:

  • Wild: This symbol lets you mark any number from the column above.
  • Super Wild: This symbol allows you to mark off any number from the whole grid.
  • Free Spin: Does what it says on the tin: grants an extra spin.
  • More Spins, More Wins

If you find yourself unable to unlock the Big Wheel, fret not! At the end of the game, you can purchase up to 40 extra spins for a shot at those smashing cash prizes. It’s your chance to turn the tide in your favor!

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