Slingo Diamonds

Slingos speak louder than words

Come and gaze upon the grand gems of Slingo Diamonds has to offer! Revel in the beauty of the expertly crafted twist of Slingo, as you spin the slot reel to mark off numbers on the 5×5 grid. Getting 5 in a row vertically, diagonally or horizontally will grant you a slingo! Each time you do you’ll climb up the prize ladder on the left. Every diamond symbol you snag will bring you to the next round, where progressive jackpots are found for any who can get 7, 8 or 9 diamond symbols. With 11 starting spins and the possibility to purchase more, it’ll be glamour all the way to the wins of Slingo Diamonds.

Slingo Diamonds – game screenshot

A diamond-studded experience.

No Slingo experience is complete without its crowning features

  • Joker: allow you to mark off any number from the column above
  • Super Joker: mark off any number from the grid
  • Free Spin: awards an extra spin
  • Coins: award an instant cash prize
  • Landing 3 or more Jokers or Super Jokers in one spin grants an extra diamond.

Another diamond for the collection?

Soar up this progressive jackpot ladder, as every DIAMOND drives you closer to one of these three high-brow and progressive jackpots.

  • 7 DIAMONDs grant you a bronze progressive jackpot
  • Posses 8 DIAMONDs grants you the silver progressive jackpot
  • Posses 9 DIAMONDs to get a hold of the gold progressive jackpot.

With up to 4 extra spins, it’s time to get going with some glamorous wins.

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