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Slingo Zen Match

Shed the stress of your day and the worries of the world as you step into the garden of Zen Match. Slide polished stones through fine sand as you take in the calming music and serene soundscape of a peaceful palace. How to play Create as many matches as possible to score points before you

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Slingo Splash Slots

Take a trip to the water park in this totally radical slots adventure! Catch some rays, ride the lazy river, and hit some gnarly jackpots in Slingo Splash Slots! Gameplay It’s time to spin the reels and make some coin. Throw down the credits, spin those reels and see what riches the Water Park brings

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Slingo Solitaire

Fly Solo with Slingo Solitaire! Everybody loves a good game of solitaire, and that’s why we’ve made this Slingtastic version with our own signature Slingo twist! Slingo Solitaire is just like the classic solitaire you learned as a kid. The object is to move all of the cards to the four stacks at the top,

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Slingo Slots Royale

Meet Ye Olde Slingo Royal family in Slingo Slots Royale. Huzzah! A fantasy land of Big Wins, Treasure and multi-reel slots excitement awaits! Gameplay Hark! The Slingo Royal Family is ready to spin! Open ye treasure chests, lay down some coin, and spin the slots with King Diamond, The Queen of Hearts, Ace Spade, and

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Slingo Safari Slots

Greetings friend, it’s time to ‘ead out to the Slingo Savannah and wrastle up some adventure! Spin the reels, grab yer camera, and let’s get ready to explore the great wild in Slingo Safari Slots. We’re going to take our chances out in the wild to see if we can catch some of these critters

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Slingo Ricochet

Play Slingo Ricochet with chat, and rebound matches off the Slingo board sides for higher scores and more Slingo excitement. This is a fast paced game so sharpen your Slingo skills and have some fun with your friends with this new game. The objective of Slingo Ricochet is to accumulate the highest number of points

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Slingo Quest

Are you ready for the next Slingo challenge? Slingo Quest takes your favorite Slingo game the next level and introduces brand new fun ways to play! Get Super Slingos on the multi-card games. Check out the Bounce Slingos that rebound off of walls. Take on the Pirate in Pirate’s Fortune. All the classic Slingo fun

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Slingo Poker

Ante Up for Slingo Poker! Think you know poker? You’ve never played online poker the way you can in classic Slingo Poker! This terrific game gives you so many ways to play and win you’ll always have something new to come back to. First off, you can play Slingo Poker solo to make the best

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Slingo Match’Ums

Sharpen Your Memory with Match’Ums 3.0! Exercise your brain and improve your memory with Match’Ums 3.0, a free memory game from Slingo. In this matching game, you have to pair tiles with numbers, symbols and your favorite Slingo characters in a memory-busting grid. Keep your mind sharp and test your memory with nine different difficulty

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Slingo Matchmaker

The King needs your help to win the Queen’s heart! Create matches of 3 or more hearts or gems before time runs out to send to the Queen and woo her heart! Unlock bonus minigames by matching love letters, score big combinations, and go for the high score in this daily challenge. Playing Slingo Matchmaker

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Slingo Mahjong

Did you ever find yourself playing a regular game of mahjong and thought, This is fun, but I want something different. Gee, I sure wish this mahjong game was more Slingolicious! Well, wish no more. Slingo Mahjong is here! This is your opportunity to play mahjong with the extra Slingo-style twist you were pining for

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The Slingo Light’Um

Oh, no! The Slingo LightUm Factory has lost power and it’s up to you to restore it in this unique twist on an old slot favorite. We know you’d be happy to help just out of the goodness of your heart. But lucky for you, the good people of Slingolopolis know how to reward a

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