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Slingo Games

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Slingo Deadliest Catch

Cast your reels for ocean riches

Slingo Pirate’s Treasure

Ahoy, ya scurvy slingo dogs!

Slingo Stampede

Unleash the Wilderness: Rhino's Rampage

Slingo Mach-X

Stand by for lift-off

Slingo Inca Trail

Venture forth into the Andes!

Slingo Great Western

Keep them slingos rolling


So what is Slingo?

Everyone has asked themselves at least once in their life this vital question. What would happen if someone had an ingenious idea to mix a slot machine with a bingo game? Well, as you read these words, we can reveal to you that this quest has been successful. For over 25 years, millions of players have been enjoying the exciting gameplay of Slingo! That’s right. It says on the tin: Slots + Bingo = Slingo!

The game idea centres on a 5×5 bingo-style card with a single reel below that with every spin give players a chance to match numbers on the card. A line of five in any direction is a Slingo line. The more Slingo lines you get, the higher you progress on the game levels board and the higher your reward. You can also buy more spins if you feel on the roll and want to keep going for the highest jackpot.

This simple concept has been applied to hundreds of games over the years, and it has been played by millions of players. At some point, Slingo was the most popular game on Facebook, with over 20 million players.


How to play Slingo

  1. Spin the reels! Like any slot game, you spin the reels first
  2. Match numbers on the ticket
    Match your numbers with the numbers on the 5×5 grid
  3. Collect Slingo win lines!
    Match five numbers in any row or across and collect Slingo lines!


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