Absolutely Poker

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Absolute Fun in Absolutely Poker!

Can you beat our Slingo CHADBOT in Absolutely Poker? Come try your poker chops against that mechanical bucket of bolts and see how you stack up!

In Absolutely Poker, you compete in 10 rounds of poker action versus our CHADBOT. As you play, you’ll get 25 cards (1 at a time) to place on a grid. You’ll need to try to build the best poker hands you can with the cards you get.

Meanwhile, CHADBOT will be doing the same. He gets the same cards as you do, in the same order – but he may not place them on his board in the same spot as you place yours. Your goal is to outscore him, so keep an eye on that troublemaker!

In Absolutely Poker, you’ll score points for hands you build diagonally as well as vertically and horizontally. You’ll have to work hard to beat CHADBOT, though – he’s one tough nut, and you’ll have to score big to beat him.

When each round is over, you’ll be compared to see if you beat CHADBOT or not. It goes without saying that the better you score in Absolutely Poker, the more likely it is you’ll win – and you’d better think hard before you place your cards, because you don’t get any points for each round unless you defeat CHADBOT!

So get ready to show our Slingtastic bionic brain who knows poker. He’s no easy mark, but he’ll show you a fun time and keep you coming back for more!

The objective of the game is to score more points than C.H.A.D.Bot as many times as possible within 10 games.


To get started, click on the “Start Game” button. In the window that appears, click on the “Play vs. Computer” button to start the game.

When the game screen appears, you will see the “Game Board”, the “Pay Table”, “C.H.A.D.Bot’s Board”, and the “Current Card”.

To score points, you must create winning “Poker Hands” (described below) on the “Game Board” that are better than “C.H.A.D.Bot’s Board”.

To create a winning poker hands, you will have to place the cards that appear in the “Current Card” area on the game board by dragging the card from the “Current Card” area over to the “Game Board”. The deck for each game is made from a standard deck of 52 cards. You will be placing the cards one at a time onto the game board and will not see the next card until the current card is placed onto the “Game Board”. Each time you place a card on the “Game Board”, C.H.A.D.Bot will place the same card on “C.H.A.D.Bot’s Board” in a position that may be different than yours. Remember, the objective is to outsmart C.H.A.D.Bot. Poker hands are awarded as soon as they are achieved. e.g. This means that as soon as you have a “Pair” on the board, you will be awarded for a “Pair”. Poker hands are awarded in any of the 12 directions shown on the game board so use this to your advantage. Use strategy to maximize your score against C.H.A.D.Bot. This is reflected on the “Pay Table”. You are awarded the amount of points that corresponds to the hand you created. You can see a list here of all of the hands both you and C.H.A.D.Bot have created so far.

Ending the game

Once all 25 cards have been dealt, your score will be evaluated against C.H.A.D.Bot’s score. If your score is higher than C.H.A.D.Bot’s, you are awarded a
“Win”. If your score is lower, you are awarded a “Loss”. If your score is the same as C.H.A.D.Bot’s, you are awarded a “Tie”. After playing 10 rounds against C.H.A.D.Bot, your scores are recorded to Slingo.com. You only get the points if you WIN – So it pays to play as good as you can.

Winning poker hands

  • Pair – 2 of the same card, any suit
  • 2 Pair – 2 pairs of 2 of the same cards, any suit
  • 3 of a Kind – 3 of the same card, any suit
  • Straight – 5 cards that are numerically sequential, any suit (4,5,6,7,8 for example)
  • Flush – 5 cards of the same suit, any order (5,8,A,2,K of Hearts for example)
  • Full House – A pair and 3 of a kind together in the same hand (4,4,9,9,9 for example)
  • 4 of a Kind – 4 of the same card, any suit
  • Straight Flush – 5 cards that are sequential, in the same suit
  • Royal Flush – Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten, in the same suit


  • Pair – 10
  • 2 Pair – 50
  • 3 of a Kind – 100
  • Straight – 100
  • Flush – 250
  • Full House – 500
  • 4 of a Kind – 750
  • Straight Flush – 1,000
  • Royal Flush – 2,500
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