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Word Search

Play the Detective in Word Search! Do you think you are a word search master? Play Slingo’s Word Search and test your word detecting skills for fun and Slingo Coins! In this terrific online word game, you get to pick your own category of words to search for. The available categories listed are changing all

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Word Roundup Frenzy

Bust out your lasso for the rootin’ tootin’est Word Roundup(tm) game yet! Find 21 words as fast as you can with only the word length for a clue. But if you need an extra hint, they’re available for a time penalty. Get bonuses for special words and play a new puzzle every day! Climb back

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Word Roundup Bingo

Take the best of Bingo and substitute letters for numbers in this super spellbinder. Start by selecting letters that work together to form the special shape of the day in Mini Bingo. Then step it up to Grand Bingo by forming words using all the letters on your card. Word Roundup(tm) Bingo features: A new

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Word Race

Start Your Engine for Word Race! Slingo’s Word Race online game is the hottest online word game around! Take a few laps with it and in no time you’ll be zooming into a grand prize of Slingo Coins for your victory! Are you new to Word Race? In this online game you get a group

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Word Bird Daily Challenge

Delve deep into the forest and discover Word Bird, a brand new word game. Use powerups, create words, and gather coins and gems to beat the challenge score before you run out of turns! Playing Word Bird (Rules) Delve deep into the forest and discover Word Bird, a brand new word game. Use powerups, create

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Winter Wonderland

Spin and Win Winter Wonderland Style! It’s that special time of the year – winter time! And in celebration, we’ve teamed up here at Slingo to bring you a fabulous free slot game. But you’d better hurry, because like winter time itself, our Winter Wonderland Free Slot Game is a limited-time offer, and not the

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Pick Winning Numbers in UPic3! Get ready for a quick, easy, and super-fun number picking game – Slingo’s own UPic3! It’s so easy to play that you’ll have fun the second you start playing. First you have to pick 3 numbers between 1 and 4. Got it? Mark them below that in the 3×3 grid.

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Ultimate Greed Poker

Give in to Greed with Ultimate Greed Poker! Do you feel the need for greed? See how far you can push your chip stack with Ultimate Greed Poker, the exciting poker contest where your greed determines your fate! This game of poker starts out just like you’d expect a poker game to go. You can

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Twiki Gems

The valley of Chichen Itza has fallen under a devastating drought and it’s up to you to bring life-giving rain back to the jungle. Harness the power of the mystical Thunder Gems to help the rainforest grow back, before the ecosystem hits the tipping point, and this rare wonder of nature is lost forever. Play

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Try-Dem-Perks, You’ll Like Dem! Solitaire is now cooler than the other side of the pillow with our all new Try-Dem-Perks! This Slingtastic game has all the fun of solitaire, plus tons of different patterns and an extra twist to keep it interesting. If you’re looking for a game of solitaire that always has something new

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Triple Slingo Jackpot

Triple your Slingo Coins with Triple Slingo Jackpot The game that’s first in fun just tripled its value and the Slingo Coins are falling fast with Triple Slingo Jackpot, an exciting free slot game that includes your favorite character — the Slingo Joker — and all the rest of the Slingo gang you’ve come to

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Tri-Peaks Solitaire

When you play Solitaire online, are you tired of the same old game every time? Introduce yourself to a whole new way of looking at the classic card game with Tri-Peaks Solitaire! Red 7? Black 6. Black Queen? Red Jack. Gets old after a while, doesn’t it? But Tri-Peaks Solitaire’s excitingly different style of play

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