Bingo Flip

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Bingo Flip combines Match-3 fun with the non-stop, don’t-blink, no-holds-barred world of competitive Bingo. Match balls to daub squares on your Bingo card to make 12 possible Bingo lines for maximum points. Play every day to check out new power-ups and beat new scores in Bingo Flip Daily Challenge!

How to play

Make matches of three or more like-colored bingo balls. Every match earns points and reveals a random ball.

If that ball matches a number on your Bingo card, it is automatically daubed on that card. If your Bingo card creates a 5-cell line horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, you earn a Bingo. Earn up to as many as 12 possible

Bingos to receive bonus points and beat the Daily Challenge!


Bingo Flip features the following point payouts:

  • Creating Matches
    • 3 Balls in a Match – 30 points
    • 4 Balls in a Match – 80 points
    • 5 Balls in a Match – 150 points
    • 6 or More Balls in a Match – 240 points
  • Additional Matches – any additional resulting matches that occur from a player match beyond the first will
    have a score multiplier. The multiplier will be the same as the count of resulting matches. For example:

    • x2 for the second resulting match
    • x3 for the third resulting match
    • x4 for the fourth resulting match
    • and so on…
  • Making a Bingo (straight line pattern vertically, horizontally, or diagonally) – 1,000 points


Bingo Flip features the following power-ups that players have the chance of collecting with each match made. Each power-up has an effect on the game to increase possible score:

  • Additive Point Power-Ups
    • Teddy Bear – +500 points for every match in the next 5 swaps
    • Rubber Duck – +1000 points for every match in the next 5 swaps
    • Lucky Penny – +2000 points for every match in the next 5 swaps
    • Red Ball – +1000 points for every red ball match in the next 5 swaps
    • Blue Ball – +1000 points for every blue ball match in the next 5 swaps
    • Yellow Ball – +1000 points for every yellow ball match in the next 5 swaps
    • Green Ball – +1000 points for every green ball match in the next 5 swaps
    • Black Ball – +1000 points for every black ball match in the next 5 swaps
    • Maggie’s Magnifying Glass – +1000 points for every mystery ball match in the next 5 swaps
  • Multiplier Power-Ups
    • Maggie Gold – ×2 all scores for next 5 swaps
    • Joker – ×2 all Bingo scores for next 5 daubs
    • Cherub – ×2 all ball matches for next 5 swaps
    • Super Joker – ×2 all scores for remainder of game
  • Special Power-Ups
    • Time Bonus – adds 10 seconds to timer
    • Four Leaf Clover – 10% more likely to spin a bingo card daub number
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