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Bounce into Fun With Bumper!

Bumper is the wild bumper car strategy game that lets you have carnival-style fun and take out a little aggression all while building up a crazy pile of points!

In each round of Bumper you get five cars to place on the grid (and you have to place all five too, no shortcuts here). You can put a bumper car on any blank beige oval on the screen.

But this is a puzzle game, so of course it’s not as simple as all that – you’ll have to do some thinking ahead about where you’re going and be ready to change your route if you run into an unexpected roadblock. Your goal is to create lines of same-colored ovals – when you get five in a row, whether they’re up and down, across or diagonal, then that line will be cleared off the board. When you clear a color, you get a shot to team up with Thumper the Mega-Bumper to knock a color right off the grid and clear the path to your goal.

You can search for Sponsor Coins hidden in the grid, too. And watch out for those Road Rage Black cars – they can’t be cleared away, so you’ll have to place them carefully so you don’t steer yourself into a corner with no way out again!

Come on in and try a game of Bumper right now. You’ll bump, bang and maneuver into a point score that shoots through the roof – and we just know you’ll have a bouncing good time!

How to play


Start your engines!

When Bumper begins, 25 beige ovals appear to form the Bumper Grid. The beige ovals are "blanks" and will be replaced by color ovals thanks to the antics of your zany bumper cars. If you have trouble seeing color, please click on the "Text Version" button on the bottom right of the game screen in order to see the Text Version of Bumper.

Green light means go!

When game play begins and for each turn, five color bumper cars are displayed below the grid. Bumper car colors are

  • Grandstand Green
  • Bang-up Blue
  • Roadster Red
  • Off-Road Orange
  • Yahoo Yellow
  • Passionate Purple

Road-Rage, the Black bumper car is a complete road hog. When placed on the grid, Road-Rage blocks same-color lines from being created and keeps you from earning points.

Yellow light means caution – placing your cars with care

To place a color on the grid, click on the color car and then click on the blank oval you’d like to fill. Presto-chango — the blank oval becomes the same color as your bumper car. You can click on the bumper cars in any order you see fit. Hint: Look over all the cars you have to work with for each turn in order to fill the grid strategically and effectively. No free rides – A new set of color bumper cars will only appear after you place all 5 bumper cars. Road-Rage must also be placed on the grid before you can take your next turn, so put him where he will do the least damage.

Cha-ching!! Bonus coins everywhere

Hidden somewhere in the grid is a "Sponsor Coin". When you find one of these Sponsor Coins in the Bumper Grid by filling that oval with a color, you are awarded 10 Sponsor Coins. There is an unlimited number of "Sponsor Coins" to find since when you find one, a new one is placed somewhere else in the Bumper Grid. You can use these coins at Slingo.com to enter contests and prize drawings.

Let’s bump!! – clearing lines

When you place five same-color bumper cars in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally, the Line "clears" and you receive a trunk-full of bonus points. A cleared Line is replaced by a new set of beige ovals just waiting to get filled. After you finish patting yourself on the back for clearing a Line, you may select any color oval (including the line-busting Road-Rage) to be bumped off the grid. After you’ve selected the oval to be bumped-off, Thumper the Mega-Bumper, appears and "bumps" the selected oval into oblivion, replacing it with a beige (blank) oval. After you’ve had your fun with Thumper, continue to place any remaining color bumper cars that were displayed during your turn.


The total number of Lines you’ve cleared is displayed in the "Lines" box the number of turns you’ve taken is shown in the "Turns" box. You’ll receive 1,000 points for each turn you can complete without filling the grid. Additional points are awarded for each Line of color bumper cars that you clear:

  • 100 points for your first Line
  • Additional "Lines" score points equal to 100 x the number of lines cleared.

Red light means stop – end of game
Gridlock: The game ends when all the beige bumper ovals have been replaced with color ovals and no "Lines" have been formed. Your score will then be recorded and saved at Slingo.com.

Note: If a player leaves before the game is over, "Lines" and "Points" will not be recorded and saved. But who wants to leave early anyway?

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