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Polka Into Kenoka!

Dance into a good time with Kenoka – it’s three games all rolled into one, with each round more exciting than the last!

The first round of Kenoka is Keno. Your spin will give you your 10 cards, then the dealer will take 20. What you’re hoping for is that some of your cards match the dealer’s – and the more you match, the more you win!

Next up? It’s time for a little poker! Take a good look at the cards you matched in the Keno round and see how they stack up as a hand of poker. You can discard up to 3 of those cards and ask for new ones.

And finally we come to the Hi-Lo round! You can gamble all the points you’ve earned so far to multiply them by as much as sixteen times! We’ll put five cards face-down, and flip them over one by one. Your job is to correctly guess if the next card will be higher or lower than the last. With your smarts and a little luck, you could win a boat load of Slingo Coins in just one game of Kenoka!

And then, of course, you go back to the first round, because who wants to play only one game? After every six games your score will be transformed like magic into brand new Slingo Coins for you.

So hurry on in and play a few games of Kenoka right now. It’s so much fun it’ll make you want to do a jig!


When KENOKA begins, you will see the Dealer Table and the Player’s Hand both empty. With a quick click of the DEAL button, the 10 cards that make up the Player’s Hand will be dealt to you face up. The 20 cards that make up the Dealer’s Hand will now be dealt one at a time face up onto the Dealer Table. As the cards appear, if any of the cards in the Player’s Hand match the cards in the Dealer’s Hand, they will light up and adjust your total matches and points on the Scoreboard. Since the Dealer’s Deck is made up of 54 cards; that means there are also 2 Jokers in the deck. If a Joker appears in the Dealers Hand, you can use it to match ANY unmatched card in the Players Hand. Don’t worry about wasting a joker, whatever card you choose it to represent gets removed from the Dealer’s Deck – How cool is that? As each card matches, the total number of matches increases on the scoreboard and the points are deposited into your Keno Points. You even get points for 0 matches!! From time to time you may notice that when one of the cards in the Player’s Hand matches the Dealer’s Hand a coin appears. This coin is a "Bail Token". You can earn up to a total of 3 Bail Tokens during any Keno round. These tokens will "Bail" you out later on in the Bonus Round. But we’ll get to that later. Once all 20 cards have been dealt into the Dealer’s Hand and all of the matches and Bail Tokens have been awarded, the Keno Round ends and you can move onto the Poker Round by clicking on the "Continue to Poker Round" button.


  • 0 Cards 5,000 Points
  • 1 – 3 Cards 0 Points
  • 4 Cards 1,000 Points
  • 5 Cards 2,000 Points
  • 6 Cards 3,000 Points
  • 7 Cards 5,000 Points
  • 8 Cards 7,000 Points
  • 9 Cards 10,000 Points
  • 10 Cards 100,000 Points

Don’t forget, if you are lost during any point of the game, you can always click on the HELP button for up to the minute help on whatever stage of the game you are in.

It’s Poker Time

The Poker Round is broken into 2 parts. The first part of the Poker round is the "Poker Discard". For every 500 Keno Points you are willing to sacrifice, you can discard one of your matched cards from the previous round in order to build yourself a better Poker Hand. All unmatched cards in the Player’s Hand are returned to the Player’s Deck. Now is your chance to get those cards that are missing from your Poker Hand!! Don’t want to spend the points? You can simply skip the Poker Discard by clicking on the "Skip Discard" button. You must choose wisely since you can only discard up to 3 of your matched cards ( 500 to 1,500 points ). You can select which cards you want to discard simply by clicking on them. Once you have selected which cards you want to discard, click on the DEAL button and the new card(s) will be dealt into the Player’s Hand. You are then awarded points for the best Poker Hand out of all of the cards that are in the Player’s Hand. The scoreboard will light up and the points are added into your Poker Points according to the following table

  • 1 Pair – 500 Points
  • 2 Pair – 1,000 Points
  • 3 of a Kind – 1,500 Points
  • Straight – 2,000 Points
  • Flush – 2,500 Points
  • Full House – 3,000 Points
  • 4 of a Kind – 5,000 Points
  • Straight Flush – 10,000 Points
  • Royal Flush – 25,000 Points

If for some reason you lack enough cards to make at least "One Pair" or you were unfortunate enough to have a poor deal or no matches, the Poker Round passes right by you and you get nothing and like it. For those of you with any points, you now get to move onto the Bonus Round!!!

Bonus round (( we’re just giving it away!! ))

When the Bonus Round begins, all of the cards placed during the Keno and Poker Rounds will disappear and 5 larger than life cards will appear before you. One will be face up but the other 4 will be face down. You now have the option of gambling your Total Points in a game of hi-lo for a chance to win up to 16 TIMES the Total Points you entered the Bonus Round with. This means there is a chance to score 2,000,000 points in just ONE GAME of KENOKA. For each card that appears from left to right, you have to decide whether the next card that is turned over will be Higher or Lower than the card that currently shows. The "Ace" is always considered the Highest card and the "2" is always the Lowest. You can "Cash Out" and leave the Bonus Round with your current Total Point value at any time by clicking on the CASH OUT button if you don’t have the stomach to continue. But what fun is that??? You click on HI (for Higher) or LO (for lower) to make your guess. If you are correct, you DOUBLE your total points and move onto the next card. If it’s a "Push" ( this means both cards have the same value ) it’s a no win, no lose situation and you just move onto the next card. If you are incorrect, you lose ALL your points and the game ends; which means you leave with nothing and you lose!! But remember when I told you that those Bail Tokens would come in handy at some point?? Well this is that time. If you are incorrect in your Hi-Lo guess and have at least 1 Bail Token, your Bail Token gets traded in to get back the Total Points that you started the round with. This only works on the first 4 cards. The final card is ALWAYS a gamble so it’s up to you whether or not you want to take the risk. When the Bonus Round ends, either by guessing correctly on the last card or "Cashing Out", your Total Points are added to your bank or you are free to play another game… and another… and another… and another… Your score will be recorded to after the 6th game. If you leave Kenoka before the 6th game and before the scores are recorded, your scores will NOT be recorded.

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