Lucky Stars

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Thank Your Lucky Stars for This Game!

Lucky Stars is an action-packed board-matching game that lets you play in a field of moons, stars, planets, even rocket ships and bug-eyed Martians! This exciting game will take the sharp eyes and sharper wits of an astronaut to get a high score and rake in those Slingo coins.

To play Lucky Stars, you just need to swap any two items on the board to make a match of three items in a row or more. (Sorry, if it doesn’t make a match you can’t switch them.) All of your matched items will disappear, making the rest of the board fall to fill in the space and reveal new matches and new items. You’ll have to use strategy, too, to clear away matches in the right order so you don’t lose any points, and if the board ends up with no more matches you can make, it’s game over.

For extra points you can start a chain reaction – the more items you clear with one move, the more bonus points you’ll ring up. Will you blast the rockets off the board and fill your tank with Slingo coins?

You have to be super, careful, though, because in Lucky Stars, just like in space, you only have so much air – and that means a limited amount of time on the clock to make your matches. Each time you score points you’ll gain a little more time to keep going – but will it be enough?

We think you’ve got the right stuff for Lucky Stars, so zip up your space suit and get ready for your score to blast off into outer space in no time at all!

Playing Lucky Stars

Lucky Stars is an arcade/puzzle style game in which you must keep the game going as long as possible by making matches. A match is made by lining up 3 of the same icon either horizontally or vertically. To make a match, click on 2 adjoining icons (either side to side or up and down) and they will trade places. You can only trade places with 2 icons if at least one of them is going to make a match. When you make a match, those icons will disappear and others will cascade down in their place. If the other icons that appear create another match, then those will disappear and the cycle will continue until no more matches are made. The more matches you make in a row and the more combos you make, the more points you will earn.

Against the clock

You are only given 2 minutes to play the game, however, you can add 15 seconds to the clock by making a match of 3 "Stars". This is the only way to keep the game going, so keep your eyes open for possibilities. If you get stuck, you can click on the “Hint” button to show you an available match on the screen for a cost of 20 points.

Out of luck

The game is over if the timer reaches "0" or if you play the game in such a way that you cannot make any more matches. Your scores and Slingo Coins are recorded at after every game.

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