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Have a Ball With Mega-Jackpot Bingo!

Mega-Jackpot Bingo is the most exciting Bingo game on the internet. You’ll have a ball going for a Bingo with four cards at once. And the fun doesn’t stop there, either, because Mega-Jackpot Bingo is the only Bingo game around that offers the Mega-Jackpot Bonus Round!

Mega-Jackpot Bingo offers you a truly Slingolicious amount of customization options for your game, too. You can choose from three marker colors, try on different Bingo cards for size, and best of all, you can work toward one of six types of games. In each type you work to cover a pattern: 4 Leaf Clover, Bow Tie, Solid Diamond, Letter L, Letter X, and Picture Frame.

You only score points for each number you cover in your pattern, so it’s tougher but also potentially way more rewarding to pick a pattern that uses more squares. Special bonus balls will come up from time to time, and you’ll score four times the points for each bonus ball in your pattern. We’ve also introduced a pause option so you can catch your breath if you feel like you’re running a little behind (or if the phone rings in the middle of a hot game!)

In the Jackpot Round, we’ll call out 65 numbers, and if you can blackout all of the numbers on one of your cards, you’ll win extra points. If you can get all four cards in the bonus round and cover all four of them, you’ll win the Mega-Jackpot – that’s 50,000 credits, all for you!

So come on right now and try your luck and your sharp eyes with Mega-Jackpot Bingo. You’ll see why Slingo games are always first in fun!


Starting the game

When the game begins, you will have the option of choosing a "Classic" game of Mega-Jackpot Bingo, or you can play the "Lite" version which has less graphics and animations. (Generally for slower or older computers) At the start of the game, you will be given the option to customize the game you are going to play (by clicking on the "Customize" button), or starting a game with the default options (by clicking on the "Start Game" button). When you click on the "Customize" button, you will be able to change the following items:

  • You can click on any of the 4 bingo cards to change their numbers.
  • You can change the amount of time before numbers are called.
  • You can change your marker color to "Red, Green or Blue" (the border around the colored markers is the current color).
  • You can change the type of game you are going to play to 4 Leaf Clover, Bow Tie, Solid Diamond, Letter "L", Letter "X", and Picture Frame (the one that is selected will appear in yellow). The pattern you choose will determine what numbers need to be covered for "BINGO".

A default game uses a green marker and the "4 Leaf Clover" style game. Clicking on the "Start Game" button in the "Customize" menu will then start your game with the options you selected. Even though the games may vary, the objective of covering the numbers on your Bingo Card is always the same. You can change your options at the beginning of each game so the style that you play is always up to you.

Playing the game

When the game begins, the game will start calling the standard Bingo numbers (from 1 to 75). Only 63 numbers will be called. If a number appears in the "Last Number Called" window that matches a number on any of your Bingo cards, you must click on the number on your Bingo Card to cover that number at any time before the game ends. Each matched number that appears in your selected Bingo pattern will appear "Covered" with your marker color. Any number that you match that is NOT part of your pattern will simply disappear. The pattern you chose is displayed at the top of the screen. Depending on the pattern you chose, you will need to cover from 8 to 16 numbers to get a "BINGO". A "BINGO" is awarded automatically as soon as you have matched all of the appropriate numbers on your Bingo Card. If at any time you fall behind, or just feel like you need to catch up, click on the "Pause Game" button and click on your matches to catch up. You can resume the game by clicking on the "Resume Game" button. You must click on all of your matched numbers in order for them to count towards getting "BINGO", so try not to miss any numbers or you won’t get your "BINGO". All previously called numbers appear on the table at the top of the screen. If you fall behind during the game, you can always catch up by clicking on the "Pause" button and then covering the numbers on your bingo cards.

Bonus Ball Numbers

Occasionally, the game will call a "BONUS BALL NUMBER". The number of "BONUS BALL" numbers is based on the pattern you chose. This ball will appear in BLUE in the "Last Number Called" window. The BONUS BALL number needs to be "covered" on your Bingo Cards like any other number. However, if that number appears within the Bingo pattern, it will appear as a "BONUS" on your Bingo Card and your "Bonus Card" counter will increase by 1. This will also count as a "Cover" towards getting a "BINGO". This applies to all 4 Bingo Cards, so if a number appears in the pattern on all 4 cards, you can light up all 4 numbers in the "Bonus Card" counter. Remember, you MUST click on the number on your Bingo Card and the number MUST be in your Bingo pattern for it to count.

End of game

Once all 63 numbers have been called, the game is over. If you have any numbers lit in your "Bonus Card" counter, you will enter the "Mega-Jackpot Bonus Round. If you are not going to the Bonus Round, your score will be recorded to and the next game will begin.

Mega-jackpot-Bonus Round

When the Bonus Round begins, you will be given the amount of "Bingo Cards" shown on the "Bonus Card Counter". The numbers on the card will be random and they cannot be changed. Click on the "Start Game" button to begin the Bonus Round. The Bonus Round is played similar to the regular game with a few exceptions. In the Bonus Round, 65 numbers will be called instead of 63. Also, you are no longer playing based on a pattern. The objective here is to match as many numbers on the Bingo Card(s) as possible and to fill (BLACKOUT) the entire card for the Mega-Jackpot. In the Bonus Round, every number matched is worth 5 credits and various patterns will earn you additional points based on the pay table below. Remember, only the numbers you click on will count as a match so be sure to pay attention. If you cover all 4 cards in the bonus round (called a Blackout), you will be awarded with the MEGA-JACKPOT worth 50,000 Credits. When the Bonus Round is over, your score will be recorded at and the next game will begin.


Bingo round

  • Every Cover in your pattern is worth 1 Credit
  • Every Bonus Ball Cover in your pattern is worth 4 Credit
  • Each "BINGO" is worth 100 Credits

Bonus round

  • Each Number is worth 5 Credits
  • Any Line is worth 50 Credits
  • Letter "X" is worth 250 Credits
  • Picture Frame is worth 500 Credits
  • BLACKOUT is worth 5,000 Credits
  • 2 BLACKOUTS are worth 15,000 Credits
  • 3 BLACKOUTS are worth 30,000 Credits
  • 4 BLACKOUTS are worth 50,000 Credits
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