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Slingo Takes You to Para-Dice!

Have a hankering to roll the dice and see what turns up? Since you’ve already found Para-Dice here at Slingo, we can tell you already have great luck. So we’re absolutely positively sure you have what it takes to have tons of fun playing our own Para-Dice!

Para-Dice is the online game you find when you’re looking for that sweet spot where luck and strategy meet up with five dice (and then they all hang around for a while talking about late-night movies, the price of bananas, and whether they should change their hair… who would have guessed?)

In each round of Para-Dice you get three rolls of the dice. Pick which ones to keep and which ones to roll again. Work to build up patterns like three, four, even five of a kind, a full house, or even runs of numbers. When you’re done with all three rolls, tally up your score and see how well you did (and since we already know you’re lucky, we’re sure it’ll be amazingly high). The higher your score climbs, the more shiny Slingo coins you’ll be adding to your vault!

So go on, try your lucky fingers – not to mention your dazzling brain power. We know you have what it takes to win big, and the opportunity is just one little click away. More important, this is the most fun, most Slingorific way to play with five ordinary electronic dice you’ll ever find. So go on, take a few rolls of the dice and you’ll be in Para-Dice for sure!

Game description

The objective of Para-Dice is to score as many points as possible by using the best possible dice combinations at the correct time.

Starting the game

When the game loads, you will have 3 options of how you want to play the game

  • Normal – You will be able to choose from 1 to 4 columns and will be allowed to place the values of the dice anywhere
  • Top to Bottom – You will be able to choose from 2 to 4 columns and will only be allowed to place the values of the dice in order from the top to the bottom of the card.
  • Left to Right – You will be able to choose from 2 to 4 columns and will only be allowed to place the values of the dice in order from left to right on the card.

Click on the option of how you want to play the game, and then choose how many columns you wish to play. You can decide these options at the beginning of each game. The more columns you play, the more points you can earn.


he objective is to get as many dice as possible that match the patterns listed on the left. When the game begins, click on the “ROLL” button to get the game started. Each “Turn” you will be able to take up to 3 “ROLLS” of the dice. After the first and second “ROLL”, you can decide how many dice you wish to keep by dragging them over to the “Holder” on the right side of the board. You can change your mind between “ROLLS” of which dice to keep, and which to “ROLL” again. When you are satisfied that you have fulfilled the requirements of the patterns listed on the left of the screen, click in the box of the Column and Pattern that you would like scored. In the “Top to Bottom” and “Left to Right” modes, the game will force you to place the values into certain boxes (Hi-Lighted Yellow). Once you place a value onto the card, this cannot be undone and you must “ROLL” your next set of dice. The game will always use the values of which 5 dice appear on the screen regardless of whether or not they are in the “Holder”. If you have an extra die in the pattern that you are trying to create, that is not part of the pattern, that die is not scored and its value is discarded. If you do not have the correct dice for a pattern, you will be awarded 0 points for that value.


  • 3 of a Kind – 3 dice that are the same (3 Two’s, 3 Three’s, etc.)
  • 4 of a Kind – 4 dice that are the same (4 One’s, 4 Five’s, etc.)
  • Full House – 2 of one dice and 3 of another (2 Four’s and 3 Six’s, etc.)
  • Small Run – 4 dice in sequential order (1 Two, 1 Three, 1 Four, 1 Five, etc.)
  • Large Run – 5 dice in sequential order (Either 1 through 5 or 2 through 6)
  • ALL FIVE – 5 dice that are the same value (All Five’s, All Two’s, etc.)
  • Chance – Any combination of dice without a pattern


Top of card

You are awarded the value of the dice entered onto the card. For example, if you place 4 Two’s in the Two’s box, you are awarded 8 points. If you score more than 63 points on the top of the card, you are awarded Bonus points.

Bottom of card

You are awarded a specific value for each of the patterns

  • 3 of a Kind – Total of all of the Dice on screen
  • 4 of a Kind – Total of all of the Dice on screen
  • Full House – 25 points
  • Small Run – 30 points
  • Large Run – 40 points
  • ALL FIVE – 50 points
  • Chance – The total value of the dice entered (from 5 to 30)

Scores are multiplied based on the version you play and then recorded at

  • Normal x 100
  • Left to Right x 150
  • Top to Bottom x 250

End of game

The game is over when you have filled in all of the possible values on the card for the game you chose.

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