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Battle CHADBOT in Pokee!

Do you have what it takes to save the gaming world from the robotic menace that is CHADBOT? Take him on in Pokee and see if your super heroic way with a deck of cards is enough to defeat him!

Pokee is a new look at poker – you and CHADBOT will take turns building hands of poker, and you’ll race to fill up your cards with the best example of each type of hand you can muster. While you’re busy marking down your Pokee card, CHADBOT will be, too, so in this battle of wits, you need to out-think the robot to score the most points you possibly can.

Pokee is full of tough decisions, too, because you have to mark your card on every hand, even if it didn’t turn out the way you’d hoped – but you can only mark each type of hand once. So if you were going for a royal flush and you wind up with a bust, do you scratch off royal flushes and hope you don’t come into one later? Or do you mark down that one queen down on your Pokee card and hope you get a better chance later? Only you can decide!

This terrific mixed-up game is good for hours of fun, and CHADBOT is sure to put up a challenge for you every time. Can you send him off to the scrap heap, or will you be the one going home in defeat? Try it now, and do your best to show that tin can who’s the boss!

Game description

Pokee, it’s like Poker, but it’s a world away from the norm. It’s a 15 hand battle to get the most points by forming Pokee hands. The better your hand is, the more points you are going to score, but, (yes, there’s always a but), you can’t make the same type of hand twice.


The deck

Since we lost a couple of number cards from the deck we were going to use, the Pokee deck has 9s, 10s, Jacks, Queens , Kings, Aces, and only one Joker. You’ll never see any number cards 2 – 8 and the second joker, they’re all somewhere in between couch cushions, behind desk drawers, and some got left behind in the ’78 Pinto that got traded in.

Making a mend

At the start of your turn you are dealt five cards from the Pokee deck. You’ll have 30 seconds to decide if you want to place the hand on the score card the way it is, or if you want to hold any cards for the construction of your hand. When you’re ready to take new cards, hit the draw button. You’ll be able to get new cards twice, but then you’ll need to place the hand on the score card.

The score card

The score card is divided into two sections, the top part is the Add ‘Em Up section. Here each card value that appears in the Pokee deck has a slot, when you place a hand in an Add ‘Em Up slot, you get points for all the cards that have that match the slots value. If you more than 299 points in this section, you’ll be awarded a bonus of 135 extra points. The bottom section is where you place your Pokee hands. Each slot that you fill with the matching hand, you get a set amount of points. If you don’t fill the slot with a matching Pokee hand, NO POINTS FOR YOU!


Add Em Up (top)

  • 9s – 9 Points for each 9 in the hand
  • 10s – 10 Points for each 10 in the hand
  • Jacks – 12 Points for each Jack in the hand
  • Queens – 14 Points for each Queen in the hand
  • Kings – 16 Points for each King in the hand
  • Aces – 20 Points for each Ace in the hand

Pokee Hand (bottom)

  • Two Pairs – 20 Points
  • 3 of a Kind – 35 Points
  • Straight – 60 Points
  • Full House – 80 Points
  • Four of a Kind – 100 Points
  • Straight Flush – 120 Points
  • Royal Flush – 150 Points
  • 5 of a Kind – 150 Points
  • Odd Lot – Total value of every card in the hand

Gameplay tips

  • CHADBOT makes its triumphant return in Pokee, he’s come back Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger since the last time he appeared in Absolutely Poker. Be prepared!
  • Look at all possibilities when placing your hand, you may not get the most points for the turn, but you may be able to have more points to pick up in later turns.
  • Don’t neglect your Add ‘Em Up section of the score card, in case of a tie, the player with the higher Add ‘Em Up score is the winner.
  • Take your time, but don’t take too much time, if the 30 second timer runs out on you, the hand gets placed in the last open slot, even if it doesn’t score any points!
  • There’s a button on the top right of the scorecard that lets you see what your opponent has already placed on their scorecard. Plan your strategy according to what your opponent can still score.
  • If you need to answer the phone, the Paytable button pauses the game, it’s helpful if you need a breather, but you can’t see what’s on the table when the game is paused.
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