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How Strong is Your Sling-Do-Ku?

No matter whether you’re a Sling-Do-Ku novice, or you’re a master who’s been playing for years, we just know you’ll have hours of fun with our Slingofied take on the classic Sudoku game.

With Sling-Do-Ku, you can play on novice or master modes, and you can choose from three levels of difficulty, depending on how confident you’re feeling (and how much of a challenge you’re looking for.)

To play Sling-Do-Ku, you just spin for numbers to fill into the empty boxes on the grid. (The numbers are always correct for the column you find them in.) Once you’ve placed your numbers and get ready to spin again, the game will check your work. If you make a mistake, your teacher will give you a boot to let you know (and the number will turn red.) Be careful – too many strikes and your game will be over!

Just like standard Sudoku, in Sling-Do-Ku you’ll fill in the numbers 1 through 9 so they appear only once in each row, column and 3-by-3 box. For each row, column and box you complete correctly, you’ll get extra points – and that translates into more shiny Slingo coins clinking into your hands, too. To score even higher, try to complete the whole Sling-Do-Ku puzzle in less time, with no mistakes and as few spins as possible.

So go on and test your Sling-Do-Ku now to see how you stack up. You’ll be earning your black belt in no time at all!

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