Slingo Chip Flip

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Step right up! High-rollers, low-rollers, roller-skaters, and winners – this latest chip matching game of skill and chance is for you!

Playing Slingo Chip Flip Daily Challenge

Click and drag a chip towards another chip to flip the two chips. The goal is to create a match of 3 or more of the same type of chip. Creating a match that is longer than 3 will create Falling Stars.

Falling stars

Be sure to collect Falling Stars by moving the mouse cursor over them! Falling Stars will earn you spins on the Prize Wheel.

Prize wheel

You can spin the Prize Wheel to earn gold. You can use gold to buy Power-Ups. You will receive a minimum of one spin on the Prize Wheel after each round.

  • 2 Spins: Collect 5 or more stars
  • 3 Spins: Collect 50 or more stars
  • 4 Spins: Collect 95 or more stars


  • Create a Match: 1,000 Points per chip
  • Launching a Falling Star: 2,000 Points
  • Collecting a Falling Star: 2,500 Points
  • Create a chain to rack up even more points! If a single flip creates more than one match, the score multiplier increases by one for each match beyond the first.
  • Meet the Daily Challenge Score and the amount of stars you collected in the last round will be multiplied by 2!

The Game Buttons

  • BURST – Removes 4 random chips, but also decreases round time by 30 seconds
  • HINT – Shows a possible match, no penalty for using it!
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