Slingo Collapse

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It’s Slingo and Collapse all in one game. Play through over 50 levels and unlock powerups along the way in this fast-paced strategy game.

How to play

Travel through Isla Slingo by beating Collapse levels. Click on collections of 3 or more blocks of thesame color to remove them from the board. Blocks will be added to the bottom of the board every few seconds.Destroy the blocks before the reach the top. For every cell that a block has been destroyed, that cell will bemarked. If a complete straight line of cells are marked vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, players earn a Slingo.Earn extra points by creating Slingos and destroying larger collections of blocks. Each level has a set amount ofrows that you have to destroy to beat the level. Once you beat a level, the next one will unlock. Power ups arerewarded at the end of certain levels. Use Power ups to help you beat the level and get to hard to reach partsof your board.

Making Slingos

Fill up full columns, rows, or diagonals on your board to make Slingos!


Keep trying to earn as many stars as possible. Stars come with large amounts of points. So keep thoseSlingos and large matches coming. You can track your star progress on the side of your game board andon the Isla Slingo map. For a real challenge, beat the 3-star goal on all of the levels on the island!

Spin buttons

You’ll have a a couple seconds to check out your oncoming blocks. If they’re not quite whatyou’re looking for, click the Spin button to refresh those blocks. You get three chances to refresheach new line, so choose wisely.


  • Bomb – Destroys all adjacent blocks
  • Color Bomb – Destroys all blocks of its particular color
  • Row Bomb – Destroys all blocks in one row
  • Column Bomb – Destroys all blocks in one column
  • Row/Column Bomb – Destroys all blocks in one row AND one column
  • Scatter bomb – Destroys random blocks throughout the board
  • Star Drop – Destroys 3 entire columns
  • Double – Multiplies all power ups on the board
  • Row Reduction – Reduces amount of rows needed to win
  • Freeze – Freezes the spinner for 3 seconds.
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