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Try-Dem-Perks, You’ll Like Dem!

Solitaire is now cooler than the other side of the pillow with our all new Try-Dem-Perks! This Slingtastic game has all the fun of solitaire, plus tons of different patterns and an extra twist to keep it interesting. If you’re looking for a game of solitaire that always has something new to bring to the table, then Try-Dem-Perks is just the game you were looking for!

Try-Dem-Perks uses the same 52-card deck you’re used to. The cards are dealt out in a pattern, with the rest in a pile you flip through as you play. You take the top card on your discard pile and try to move one up or one down from it to clear your board. (So if a 10 is on your discard pile, you could clear a 9 or a Jack.) Try to clear away chains of cards all at once to get the dial on your score ticking up super fast.

And then there are the Perks. Under some cards, you’ll find these plucky little charms waiting for you. In Try-Dem-Perks, you can use a Perk as a wild card any time you’re stuck.

And talk about variety – we’ve created more Try-Dem-Perks patterns to play than you can shake a stick at. Try different boards like Temple of Doom, Schoolhouse Rock and Moon Over Miami to mix things up, and it’ll be like rediscovering solitaire all over again!

Between the Perks and the patterns, there’s nothing but fun in Try-Dem-Perks. It’ll keep you coming back for more for months to come!


The objective of Try Dem Perks is to score as many points as possible by playing through several rounds of a Solitaire style game.

Starting the game

Click on the Start Game button to bring up the main menu. From here you can click on "Start" to start the game, or read the rules by clicking on the "Rules" button. Once you click on "Start", the board chooser is displayed. Click on the > and < arrows to cycle through the different choices of boards that you can play on. If you click on a name of a board, a picture will appear on the right showing you how many cards will be on the board. The "Card Value" that is shown on the picture of the board is the base score and the overall difficulty of the board itself. Choose the difficulty level by clicking on the amount of "Perks" (described below) that you want to have on each board. The higher the difficulty, the more points you will earn because the "Card Value" will change based on the "Difficulty" that you choose. Once you select a game board and a difficulty, click on the "START" button to begin playing that board.


Every game is played from a standard deck of 52 cards. Depending on the game board you chose, the cards are dealt out onto the table face down and any card that is not covered by any other card is flipped over. The remaining cards are spread out face down in the "Draw Pile". The first card of the "Draw Pile" is turned face up in the "IN PLAY" window and you can now start removing cards from the game board. To remove the FIRST CARD from the game board, you must click on a card that is either one number higher or one number lower than the card in the "Discard Pile". You can only click on a card that is not covered by any other card. e.g. You have a 5 in the "IN PLAY" window. This means you can click on a 4 or a 6 to get you started. Once you have removed the FIRST CARD from the game board, you may then continue to remove cards from the game board that are either one number higher or one number lower than the most recently chosen card. You can only click on a card that is not covered by any other card. (You can always see the last card you clicked on in the "IN PLAY" window) e.g. Let’s say that you click on a 4 for your FIRST CARD – you can now click on either a 3 or a 5 on the game board. You can continue to click on cards on the game board until you have no cards that are sequentially next to your card. You can keep clicking higher or lower for maximum score. If you do not have a card in the "IN PLAY" window that you can use, you must click on a face down card in your "Draw Pile" to keep dealing cards until there is a card in the "IN PLAY" window that you can use to start removing cards from the game board.


Based on the difficulty you chose, there are a certain number of "Perks" that are hidden under cards on the table. When a Perk is found, it is displayed in the Perks box on the bottom right of the screen. Black Perks are empty and will show you how many total perks there are left hidden on the board. Perks serve 2 purposes, they help you clear the board, and they also help you continue "Chains" (described below in Scoring) The Perk is a wild card and can be used at any time. To use a Perk, click on the colored perk in the Perk Box and the card "IN PLAY" will change into a Perk. Now you can click on any face up card on the board to start your next chain. The more Perks that are available, the easier the board becomes to clear, but the lower the score is.

End of the round

When you have cleared the table, or you have no cards left in your "Draw Pile" then the round is over. NOTE – When there are no cards left in the "Draw Pile" and the message "Give Up?" appears, you do not have to give up until you have used up all of your Perks. When the round is over, your score for that round is displayed and you are allowed to "Play Again" or "Cash Out". Cashing out will record your score and Slingo Coins.

Don’t be so quick to cash out

Each time you clear a board without cashing out, it turns RED in the "Board Chooser". The board chooser will then hold the running total of all of your scores for every board you have played.


The CARD VALUE for the board (displayed on the board chooser) is how much each card is worth when you remove it from the table. This can be changed based on the difficulty level:

  • Expert = Base Score / 1
  • Hard = Base Score / 2
  • Medium = Base Score / 3
  • Easy = Base Score / 4

Bonus Meter – Clicking on cards in succession is called a "CHAIN" and the longer the chain, the higher the "Bonus Meter" will go. The higher the Bonus Meter, the more points that each card you remove from the table is worth. The Bonus Meter can go up to 5x the current card score. Each card you click in your "Draw Pile" will lower the Bonus Meter, so it pays to use Perks to keep the Chain going sometimes. If you clear the board, you are also given 500 bonus points.

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