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Pick Winning Numbers in UPic3!

Get ready for a quick, easy, and super-fun number picking game – Slingo’s own UPic3! It’s so easy to play that you’ll have fun the second you start playing. First you have to pick 3 numbers between 1 and 4. Got it? Mark them below that in the 3×3 grid.

UPic3 offers too ways to bet: boxed and straight. For a straight bet, you’re guessing that the numbers you picked will appear exactly the way you chose them – that is, if you pick 321, you’ll only win on 321. A boxed bet means that as long as the 3 numbers you chose come up on a row, column, or diagonal, you win, no matter what order they appear in. So if you bet 321, you’d win on 123, 213, 321, and so on.

A boxed bet tends to win more often. A straight bet is a lot harder to win… but you win a lot more if you get it right. What kind of gamble do you prefer? You can even mix it up a little and bet a straight bet on some lines but a boxed bet on others. Try a few things and see what’s the most fun!

Then you just need to press GO to send for your winning numbers and rake in your Slingo coins! There’s only one tricky decision to make. In each game, one of the UPic3 squares will let you choose which number to place. You’ll have to take a good look at the numbers in the grid and choose wisely to make the most of your score.

Whether it’s boxed or straight, UPic3 has never made picking winning numbers more fun! Choose your lucky numbers now and watch the winnings pile up!


UPIC-3 is a "Guess the Numbers" style game where you try to pick which 3 number combinations will appear on the game board for big points.


When the game begins, you must first select which 3 numbers you think are the lucky numbers by clicking on the numbered squares below the game board. You can select the same number more than once and you can choose them in any order. When you click on a number, it will appear in the circles on the game board. Don’t worry if you make a mistake. If you change your mind, click on the number on the circle to make it disappear and click on a new number below the game board to replace it.

Make your bets

Now that you have your 3 lucky numbers, you now have to bet on which lines the numbers will appear on the game board, and in what order. STRAIGHT refers to the numbers being in the exact order that you selected. If you selected 123 – then 123 would have to appear – 231 or 321 would lose. A row is read from left to right – a column is read from top to bottom. BOX refers to the numbers being in any order based on what you selected. If you selected 123 – then any combination of 123 would win (213, 231, 321, 312, 123, 132). The straight bet pays considerably more than the box bet – so the choice is up to you. To make your bets – you can click on any of the lights on the game board that correspond to the row or column you wish to bet on. Red lights are for Straight Bets, Blue lights are for Box Bets. You can only bet on either Straight or Box for a particular row or column (not both). – OR – if you want to bet either All Straight or All box, you can click on the corresponding button on the right of the screen.

Time to win

When you are satisfied with the selections you have made, click on the green GO button to start filling in the game board. One square on the game board will allow you to select which number you want to put there. Be sure to look at your game board before selecting so you can maximize your payouts. You will be awarded with your payouts once the game has finished choosing numbers.


  • Straight = 80 x bet
  • Box = 10 x bet
  • Multiple Wins = 100 x total winnings for that round
  • Every 10 games, your score is recorded at Slingo.com.
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