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Play the Detective in Word Search!

Do you think you are a word search master? Play Slingo’s Word Search and test your word detecting skills for fun and Slingo Coins!
In this terrific online word game, you get to pick your own category of words to search for. The available categories listed are changing all the time, but they can cover topics like Water, Dutch Cities, or even Slingo Games! You can play the same set of words each day as many times as you want, because we’ll make a new puzzle out of it for you every time you care to play. Count on Slingo to bring you a word game that will never be the same game twice, no matter how often you play it!

You don’t need a magnifying glass to play this fun-filled word game, but you will want to bring your sharpest eyes to Word Search. (You could leave your glasses on the table for an extra challenge if you really want to, but you won’t earn extra points for it!) Each word can be hidden vertically, horizontally, or even diagonally. And these are some tricky words, too, so you might even discover some of them hiding backwards!

Each word you find in this game is worth 200 shiny Slingo Coins. If you find every word in the category, it’s worth a whopping 15,000 Slingo Coins from us to you!
Play Word Search every day to keep your mind razor-sharp and your observational skills at their peak. This word game is a fast, fun, and sure way to bring in a landslide of Slingo Bonuses!


ElectroTank’s Word Search is a puzzle game where you search for words amongst a group of letters.


  1. Click on "Start Game" from the Menu Screen
  2. Select a Category from the list
  3. Select "Play" to go to the game screen
  4. Look for words Horizontally, Vertically, or Diagonally. NOTE: Words can also be backwards
  5. Click on the First Letter of a Word and then release on the Last Letter of the word to select it
  6. Find all of the words to collect your Bonus

You can play the same category multiple times because every time you select a category, the game will randomly generate the puzzle making it different every time you play.


  • Each Word – 200 Slingo Coins
  • Bonus Coins – Up to 15,000
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