Slingo Advance

The only way is up…

5,4,3,2,1, we have Slingo! Set forth into the great unknown with the retro-style Slingo Advance! Begin exploring the boundaries of the known galaxy as you start with a slingly spin and only the first row of the grid; to continue the astronomic odyssey match numbers from the row below the grid with the columns above. Successful matches will resolve in the discovery of a star with a stellar prize alongside it. Throughout the galaxy there are various cosmic jackpots awaiting you should you manage to cross numbers off in a row diagonally, vertically and in a ‘T’ or an ‘X’ shape. With out of this world prizes in the astronomic wonders of a full house, it’s time to inform mission control that you’re going to win.

That’s one small step for Slingo…

Navigate your way to open up the grid:

  • On your first spin, match 1 number on row 1 to open up row 2 and get an extra spin
  • On spin 2, match 2 numbers on row 2 to open up row 3 and get an extra spin
  • On spin 3, match 3 numbers on row 3 to open up row 4 and get an additional spin
  • On spin 4, match 4 numbers on row 4 to open up row 5 and win an extra spin
  • Every slingo and every match created through the reel gets you an astronomic fixed payout.

…one giant leap, for the player.

Of course, any mission into the stars needs a well-trained crew.

  • Joker: now a joker of the lunar age, jokers allow you to mark off any number from the column above where it lands
  • Free Spins: awards an extra spin
  • Advance: opens up the next row and gives you an extra spin to continue on your mission
  • Blocker: blocks a match on the column

With three separate jackpots, one for a full house, one for crossing of numbers in an ‘X’ or ‘T’ shape, you’ll be laughing your way all the way back to mission control.

Play Slingo Advance on your phone or in a browser

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