Slingo Deadliest Catch

Cast your reels for ocean riches

Slingo Arcade is once again embarking on a deep-sea adventure, teaming up with the Discovery Channel to add a Slingo twist to the heart-pounding reality show, Deadliest Catch. Brace yourself to battle the nautical might of the sea, where the challenges only grow as you climb the ladder of rewards. With a fresh Slingo collectible mechanic, your journey gets spiced up by snatching those golden crabs in the base game, earning you more shots at bonus games. Guiding you through this treacherous sea, we have the seasoned captains Sigurd ‘Sig’ Hansen and Wild Bill Wichrowski, commanding the Northwestern and the FV Summer Bay, respectively.

Time to Set Sail on a Crab Hunt

Each of the three bonus games comes in two flavors: Day and Night. While Night may seem riskier, with its snow and howling gales, it’s also where the real treasures lie. So summon your courage, for fortune favors the bold. Let’s dive deeper into these nautical escapades.

Sail across the Sling-ocean

  • Number: Marks the matching numbers on the grid.
  • Wild: Gives you the power to place a symbol wherever you please in the column above it.
  • Super Wild: Allows you to place the symbol anywhere on the grid.
  • Free Spin: Gives you an extra spin for the base game.
  • Blocker: This does nothing.

In the Crab Hunt, you’ll receive seven crab pots, plus an extra one for every crab you snatch. Strategically place your pots on the map, as each crab lures in bigger wins. Here, you could net up to a whopping 500x your initial stake!

Crabtacular Bonus Games

Crab Grab is all about cold, hard credit prizes, with even grander payouts in the Advanced Level, reeling in a lucrative 25x your base bet. Meanwhile, Crab Grab Night Fishing cranks up the excitement, offering a thrilling 100x your base stake in the Advanced Level.
In Crab Fishing, should you reel out a crab symbol, you’ll get your hands on a bountiful 30x your base stake! A true oceanic delight.

So, don your sailor’s hat, grab your trusty fishing rod, and set sail for riches with Slingo Deadliest Catch. The sea beckons, and so does your chance to hook the motherload of all prizes!

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