Slingo Fortunes

A most fortunate journey.

Take your lucky pick. What will be your fate? Return to China, the origin of the fortune cookie, where red is lucky and the inspiration behind Slingo Fortunes! Take a bite out of these fortunate circumstances with this smooth gameplay. Pick an envelope before you begin which holds a hidden reward within it. Then eliminate the remaining envelopes by marking off in the slingo fashion. Getting 5 envelopes in a row will grant you a slingo, climbing up the Prize Boost Ladder and increasing your modifiers.

Once your crossed fingers have gotten you 4 slingos, you’ll be offered a chance of a cash prize in exchange for the envelope. Now you must decide whether to risk it for that unknown and possibly higher reward.


A most fortunate journey.

Your venture eastward will not be made alone however:

  • Joker: opens any envelope in the column it appears in
  • Super Joker: opens any envelope in the entire grid
  • Free Spin: adds an extra spin to your total
  • Devil: blocks potential matches on the grid

Will you grab a cookie?

With 12 possible slingos available you have the ability to be extremely fortunate. You have the chance to refuse both the cash offer and the mystery value within the envelope: banking instead on reaching the top of the prize ladder and having your hidden prize in the envelope multiplied by 20.

Combined with the option to purchase a limitless amount of spins after you’ve used up your 10, getting a favourable fortune needs no crossing of your fingers.

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