Slingo Great Western

Keep them slingos rolling

Saddle up and keep your eyes on the horizon ‘cuz there’s a new Slingo game in town. That’s right, say howdy to Slingo Great Western, where you’ll be kept on the edge of your seat in this epic Slingo experience. Whip out your lasso as you take hold of the classic 5×5 grid where you’ll be matching the numbers spun on your 5-slot reel. Get 5 in a row and you’ll get a slingo, sending you up the win ladder.

A Slingo-tti Western Experience

When you manage to rein in enough slingos, you’ll be able to get your hands on our brand-spanking new bonus wheels! Coming in 3 forms, bronze, silver, and gold, each wheel can get you a magnificent multiplier. The higher you are up the slingo ladder, the better the wheel, and the higher those multipliers! It doesn’t even end there, there’s a chance you might ride into the inner wheel. This inner wheel not only has even larger multipliers, helping to spur your wins even further, but can also give you access to our amazing bonus game.

The Great Western Bonus Game brings this cowboy experience to another level. Mount up on to a 5×4 grid with 20 separate reels which can get you up to a whopping 500x your bet! With its own unique tiles and a high intensity born from a 3 spin limit which can be reset at any moment when you manage to place a new symbol onto the grid.

A Legendary Posse

As you make your way across the frontier you’ll be needing some partners to make sure you can outwit your foes.

  • Wild: Allows you to mark off any number in the column above.
  • Super Wild: Allows you to mark off any number on the grid.
  • Free Spin: Gives you an extra spin.

So what are you waiting for? Saddle up, spur your horse, and ride into Slingo Great Western!

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