Slingo Inca Trail

Venture forth into the Andes!

Ascend this grand mountainous Slingo

Venture forth into the Andes and discover the legendary Slingo Inca Trail! Scale up these majestic mountains as you hunt down Free Spins, Super Wilds and, the greatest prize of them all, Slingos! But the adventure doesn’t even end there! As you climb up the mountains, you can get your hands on the glorious bonus round which’ll whisk you to the legendary Machu Picchu – where you’ll find the sacred treasure trove, with artefacts worth up to 5,000x your wager! Such is the glory, wealth, and power of the Incas.

Slingos from the Realm of Four Parts

No need to be an Incan expert for this mountain-top adventure! Give the Slingo wheel a swirl, and when you land on an arrow with a number between 1 and 5, you’ll move that exact number of spaces forward. When you inevitably reach that Incan ‘X’ on the mountain trail, you’ll find out that it’s not only a mark, but a magical gateway to the Bonus Game, with its icon-themed gameplay. So get ready to hike your way up, because there are plenty of wins awaiting you up at Machu Picchu!

Hold onto your Llamas, because we’re not done yet!

So you’ve made it to this Peruvian bonus section, and the fun won’t be stopping ‘till the sun goes down as rewards will continue to avalanche their way down the mountainside. At the end of each spin, the Inca Trail Bonus will reveal a wheel adorned with five incredible Incan icons. Memorise them, for they repeat as you ascend the trail, and watch in awe as your win amount multiplies with every turn. The spinning frenzy continues until you’re prompted to collect another icon or reach the majestic Machu Picchu – the trail’s ultimate destination.

Beyond the Bonus

Picture this: Machu Picchu at sunrise, an awe-inspiring spectacle. But guess what? The treasures you’ve amassed along the way will paint an equally dazzling grin across your face. Once you’ve conquered the trail and reached the pinnacle – Machu Picchu – the game unveils the Machu Picchu pick game. Here, you’ll choose one of six mesmerising artefacts. What lies behind your choice? A winning amount, a multiplier of your initial base stake, illuminating your path before seamlessly returning you to the base game.

The Great Symbols of the Incas of Cusco

You won’t be alone as you make your journey across the Andes, you’ll be accompanied by:

  • Number: Mark off any matching number on the grid.
  • Wild: Match any number in the column above where it lands.
  • Super Wild: Match any number on the grid.
  • Free Spin: Spin again on the base game house, free of charge!
  • Arrow: Keep your trailblazing spirit alive by moving the indicated number of sections forward.
  • Extra Spins – Because Why Llama-nt the Fun to Stop?

If the base game leaves you with a glum face, fear not! Extra spins galore are here to keep the thrill alive. With each spin, you have another shot at the Bonus Game, making it a merry-go-round of adventure and excitement!

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