Slingo Piggy Bank

Bringing home the bacon

We’re rolling out the all-new Slingo Piggy Bank extravaganza, and it’s pigging out for your pleasure! Dive into our 5×5 bingo grid and give that slot reel a whirl to trigger some swine-tastic fun. When your slot reel syncs up with a number on the 5×5 grid, grab your piggy coin and mark it off. Five in a row, and you’ve got yourself a slingo. Collect enough slingos, and you’ll ascend the win ladder to the pay ladder, where you can crack open those piggy banks for fabulous prizes.

A Pork-tacular Experience

Set your stake, give the slot reel a spin, and start marking off numbers on your 5×5 pigsty grid. Achieving slingos, lines of five either horizontal, vertical or diagonal, is the name of the game, and your credit prizes depend on the number of slingos you’ve bagged. Get ready to hog the limelight and snatch up those rewards!

No Hogwash Here

You won’t be navigating this porcine adventure solo. We’ve got a few helpful pals to assist you in saving up your earnings for those inevitable rainy days:

  • Wild: This little piggy allows you to mark off any number in the same column.
  • Super Wild: The big pig lets you mark off any number anywhere on the entire grid!
  • Free Spin: Snag a bonus spin on the house, no strings attached.
  • So, what are you waiting for? ! It’s time to pig out on prizes, one spin at a time!

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