Slingo Racing

Saddle up for some slingos!

Hold onto your horseshoes, folks! We’re heading to the racetrack with Slingo Racing, a high-octane adventure that doesn’t require any handicaps. In this thrilling race, you’ll choose one of three speedy steeds before the race kicks off, and it’s all about collecting multipliers on your chosen track. It doesn’t even end there! Each track offers a jackpot prize if your selected horse crosses the finish line. So what are you waiting for? We’re off to the races!

Ride on Jockey!

Slingo Arcade brings you this thrilling horse racing title, offering players 10 spins to match numbers on the grid. The goal? Rack up those Slingos and ascend the pay ladder like a true champion. The more Slingos you gather, the bigger the prize waiting for you at the finish line!

No More Horsing Around with These Professionals

  • Matching a red, green, or blue number will mark off any corresponding numbers on the grid and give your color-coordinated horse a boost.
  • Wilds allow you to match any number in the above column as well as sending your horse racing ahead one place when placed.
  • Super Wilds are powerhouses that allow you to match any number on the grid whilst simultaneously moving your horse one step forward.
  • Free Spins are what it says on the tin: they give you additional spins.

Gallop Forth!

With Slingo Racing, you have more chances than ever to grab those wins! Before the race begins, you can select one of three magnificent horses and collect multipliers as you match grid numbers. That’s not even mentioning the jackpot prize waiting for you if your chosen horse gallops all the way to the end of the track.

Extra Spins

Once you’ve completed your initial 10 spins, and any free spins have been expended, don’t hang up your saddle just yet! You can purchase extra spins to stay in the race and chase more thrilling wins. The cost is clearly displayed on the SPIN button, and your grid’s current state remains intact. Alternatively, you can choose the COLLECT or END GAME buttons to scoop up your winnings and gracefully exit the race.

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