Slingo Showdown

Slingos at dawn

Get your poker face on… This town ain’t big enough for the two of us, so you best get shooting in Slingo Showdown. Roam in for the rustic western Slingo, seeing the famed combo of slots and bingo as never before, with the addition of prizes for getting certain poker hands. The Slingo 5×5 grid is made up of playing cards, which can be crossed off all over the grid for matching the slot reel. Grab a hold of some mighty fine multipliers for getting four or more slingos and some crazy payouts for grabbing some specific hands. So, you best get to it, grab your hat and make your way to Slingo Showdown.

Slingo Showdown – game screenshot

Slingos at dawn.

10 Spins for your trust revolver as you complete the grid. Getting slingos gets you a multiplier on your wins, gained by getting specific hands and their attached prizes.

With Jokers and Super Jokers marking off single and all numbers of a certain type respectively, the presence of a Free Deal card and Devils to block your potential matches, it’s sure to be one hell of a duel.

Ready for this saloon?

With the opportunity for unlimited deals and a whopping 1500x multiplier for your bet, there’s plenty of ways to do Slingo in the west.

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