Slingo Super Spin

Crank up the volume!

Hey! Let’s get groovin’ in Slingo Super Spin. This game doesn’t just stop at the normal Slingo experience, no, it goes further. In Slingo Super Spin get ready for a sublime sixth slot! A slot which will allow you to match any number on the slingo grid. The party doesn’t stop there though: when you match a number on your usual 5-slot reel, the sixth will throw down a Gold Disc SUPER WILD. With all this in tow, you can jive on to your heart’s content.

Keep the Beat Alive

Slingo Super Spin keeps the party going all across the familiar 5×5 Slingo grid where you’ll want to mark off 5 numbers in a line, be it diagonal, vertical or horizontal. That’s not all! With 10 initial spins, the dancing can’t stop and won’t stop till those wins are achieved – just 4 slingos will get you that jazzy and snazzy prize. The party doesn’t end there, the more slingos you get, the higher that prize will be so keep those legs moving on the dance floor!

Super Spin Symbols:

  • Wild: The Wild DJ marks off any number from the column above
  • Super Wild: The Gold Disc marks off any number from the entire grid
  • Free Spin: Adds an extra spin to the total
  • Blocker: An X, which does nothing

Give the Gold Disc a Whirl…

To keep the good times rollin’, Slingo Super Spin cranks it up a notch with an extra bonus 6th reel. This reel can pull any number out of the hat, and if it matches a number on the grid, it’s getting marked off. And here’s where the real magic happens: if it matches a number on one of the standard 5 reels, it transforms into that coveted Gold Disc Super Wild. And if you’re not ready to stop dancing after 10 spins, no worries! We’ll keep the party going with the option to snag some extra spins and keep the beats bumpin’.

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