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Slingo Gold Rush Daily Challenge

Saddle up, Partner! It’s time for Slingo Gold Rush Daily Challenge, the latest high-ridin’, crate-blastin’, rootin’ tootin’ game from the fine folks at Slingo. Match crates, wrangle bonuses, and track down that Darn Devil to beat the Daily Challenge score before time runs out! Give the reels a spin using the “Spin All” button, or

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Slingo Deep Sea Mahjong

Take a few minutes away from your day to indulge in a peaceful underwater escape. Match tiles, solve puzzles and enjoy a serene deep sea mahjong experience, featuring cameo appearances by the Slingo cast of characters. Every day, new puzzles and new challenges await! Take a few minutes away from your day to indulge in

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Slingo Daily Challenge

Play a new Slingo Daily Challenge game every day with a different set of Powerups that help you beat the daily challenge goal. See today’s Powerups and the challenge goal to beat below. The objective of the Slingo Daily Challenge is to accumulate the highest number of points by trying to cover all the numbers

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Slingo Collapse

It’s Slingo and Collapse all in one game. Play through over 50 levels and unlock powerups along the way in this fast-paced strategy game. How to play Travel through Isla Slingo by beating Collapse levels. Click on collections of 3 or more blocks of thesame color to remove them from the board. Blocks will be

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Slingo Classic Multiplayer

Slingo Classic (multiplayer) Slings You into the Future. If you’re looking for a fabulous time with a little new scenery, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Slingo Classic is all the fun you love from our flagship Slingo – but we’ve updated it with a shiny new look to celebrate the multiplayer game. And

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Slingo Classic Bonus

Play the online version of the real thing. If you love online slot machine games and Slingo, then you’ll love Slingo Classic Bonus, the classic blend of video slots with a bonus round that plays similar to the classic Slingo online game. When all lines are played just spin up two Slingo card symbols on

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Slingo Chip Flip

Step right up! High-rollers, low-rollers, roller-skaters, and winners – this latest chip matching game of skill and chance is for you! Playing Slingo Chip Flip Daily Challenge Click and drag a chip towards another chip to flip the two chips. The goal is to create a match of 3 or more of the same type

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Slingo Bonus Deluxe

Ring in the Fun with Slingo Bonus Deluxe! Go for the full card and win big with the latest and greatest Slingo slots game, Slingo Bonus Deluxe. Enjoy classic slots excitement while trying to get into the classic Slingo Bonus game that is sure to thrill casino game fans. Go for the full card and

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Slingo Blitz Daily Challange

Play Slingo Blitz for a fast and fun take on Slingo Daily Challenge! Spin reels, match numbers and race against the clock in Slingo Blitz! Match as many numbers as possible before time runs out, but there’s atwist: it’s a Mixed Matrix, with numbers scattered all over the card. Play every day to enjoy new

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Slingo Blast

You’ve never played Slingo like this before. Make matches and Blast them off the Slingo game board. Unlock special Powerup Slingo Blocks and send your scores through the roof before time runs out. Plus, make matches quickly and you’ll unlock Blast Mode, for 10 seconds of Joker matching fun. The more games you play, the

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Slingo Advantage

Play Slingo the way you want, and gain a Slingo Advantage. What to Play Slingo with No Devils… Extra Slingo Jokers… Slingo Vision… Multipliers… And More? The choice is yours when you play Slingo Advantage. The objective of Slingo Advantage is to accumulate the highest number of points by covering all the numbers on your

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How Strong is Your Sling-Do-Ku? No matter whether you’re a Sling-Do-Ku novice, or you’re a master who’s been playing for years, we just know you’ll have hours of fun with our Slingofied take on the classic Sudoku game. With Sling-Do-Ku, you can play on novice or master modes, and you can choose from three levels

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