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Saratoga Slingo

Saratoga Slingo Brings the Horses to You! And down the stretch they come! We’ve combined the thrill of the track with the classic Slingo touch! In Saratoga Slingo, you get to fill out a betting slip at the beginning of each game. Choose which card is the winner – scoring the most points; the quinella,

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Roni Blocks

Clean Up On Points With Roni Blocks! Roni Blocks is a puzzle style game in which you must clear the board of as many blocks as possible to maximize your score. Poor little baby Roni has made a terrible mess with her blocks, and she needs your help to clean it all up again! Roni

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Rikki Tikki

Rikki Tikki Makes YOU the Action Star! Time for some jungle fun! It’s Rikki Tikki, the fast-paced game of color matching that will challenge you for hours and hours. The sounds of the drums in the background may sound like the natives are throwing a great dance party… but it’s headhunters, and they’re after you!

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Questions About Stuff

You’re the Star in Questions About Stuff! Questions About Stuff is a game where you find out what you really know by answering trivia questions, while forming Slingos We know you’ve secretly harbored an ambition to win a game show for ages – who hasn’t? But even if you get on the air, it’s a

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Battle CHADBOT in Pokee! Do you have what it takes to save the gaming world from the robotic menace that is CHADBOT? Take him on in Pokee and see if your super heroic way with a deck of cards is enough to defeat him! Pokee is a new look at poker – you and CHADBOT

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Para-Dice Slingo

Slingo Takes You to Para-Dice! Have a hankering to roll the dice and see what turns up? Since you’ve already found Para-Dice here at Slingo, we can tell you already have great luck. So we’re absolutely positively sure you have what it takes to have tons of fun playing our own Para-Dice! Para-Dice is the

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It’s like hangman with a visual clue! The goal is to guess the mystery phrase by clicking the letters on the board and revealing the picture beneath to help your prediction. Each incorrect guess deducts points from your score. But don’t worry! As the image is revealed, the guessing gets easier. Conquer a new puzzle

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Pa-Slinko takes all the fun of Slingo slots and combines it with the excitement of Pachinko! Spin and drop numbered balls at matching numbered pins to earn major points! Match all five balls in a spin to earn a full Pa-Slinko! Come back every day to see fun new powerups and beat the Pa-Slinko Daily

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Multiplayer Brasil Slingo

Join the Party with Multiplayer Brasil Slingo! We know just what brought you here – you’ve played Brasil Slingo and fallen totally in love, but now you’re looking for a fresh new twist on the same excitement. Multiplayer Brasil Slingo is just the flavor you’re looking for! With Multiplayer Brasil, you get the same Slingtastic

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Mixed Matrix Slingo

Mad Fun with Mixed Matrix Slingo Everybody loves classic Slingo, but no matter how much fun it is, we all still need to mix things up sometimes. That’s why we’ve brought you Mixed Matrix Slingo, which has all the fun of the classic Slingo you adore, plus a new way to play that adds a

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Merry Poppings

Pop in to Play Merry Poppings! Slingo’s cheery strategy game Merry Poppings puts you right at the scene of one of your very favorite carnival games. A board of balloons floats before you, and the more you can pop, the higher your score will float, so get ready for lots of exciting balloon swapping and

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Mega Slots

Spin Up Mega Fun With Mega Slots! Mega Slots is like wining on a lucky machine every time you play slots! Feel all the excitement of a big slots win and collect a mega stack of Slingo Coins to add to your collection (or start a brand new one!) It’ll give you a mega-lift every

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